OrangeExactTarget CEO Scott Dorsey has grown his company from  3 to 1300 employees in 11 years, and more since. Throughout this growth which has seen the company going public, Dorsey has maintained the culture, “Orange”. More than just the main colour of the brand “orange’ has become the adjective, noun and verb of their culture. It has been woven into the company fabric since inception and Dorsey is determined that “the culture continues to evolve and transform itself, and the culture we have can scale”. 

One of the ways they ensure they don’t lose their “orange” is to break everyone up into smaller teams that are agile and entrepreneurial. This empowers teams to get done what they need to without being held back by unnecessary red tape.

ExactTarget also choose their locations wisely, “We take a lot of pride in moving into historically and architecturally significant buildings”. More than fostering innovation “the space can be a tool for recruiting, a tool for retention, a tool for productivity, and a tool for the culture.” You can read more about their culture here.

What would the adjective, noun and verb of your culture be? Can you sum it up in one word that aptly describes the golden thread of your business?

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