Strong and fit is the new sexy. In much the same way for business, culture is the new sexy. As the Merriam-Webster word of the year in 2014, “culture” has got businesses everywhere scrambling. All of a sudden, businesses are trying to ‘do’ culture full tilt. The problem is that in many cases, businesses are rushing headlong into ‘doing’ culture with no forethought or long term system planning into exactly what culture is, or how to build it, for example simply installing nap pods or foosball tables is not going to fix any issues if the workers are stressed out and always on the clock.

The same way that you don’t just wake up one day, get out of bed and go run a marathon, businesses cannot just start ‘doing’ culture. Creating an effective and relevant culture within a business is no different from achieving a fitness goal. Both require consistency, structure, and dedication.

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