Please Keep Off The GrassWhen you make something easy to do, people do more of it.

This was the key thought in a recent article by Amit Singh.

He continues: Good systems and programs facilitate behaviours by making them easier, and you can see this everywhere if you look…if you want people to stay off the grass, make it easy to stay on the sidewalk.

When you make something easy to do, people do more of it – these 12 words are the key to leveraging company culture. When leveraged in the right way culture becomes a tool for engineering the behaviours that create an environment prone to greatness. Make no mistake culture is not a tool to manipulate people. It is a tool that, when used effectively, makes the right things easy to do.

For example if consistent and fluid communication is important to your company you need systems and processes in place that facilitate this, perhaps –

This list could go on and on – but you need to find what works best, what makes communication easy in your context. If you implement a solution and it doesn’t work – change it. Clinging onto it in desperation and fear of admitting defeat is the best way to damage culture. It might be disruptive in the interim to change systems…again, but if they don’t serve your objectives and priorities – you’re only screwing yourself in the long run. After all – when you make something easy to do – people do more of it.

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