The untapped power of mouth-led communication in organisations.

No matter the organisation size, industry, or location it is almost guaranteed that communication will come up as a ‘pain point’ when analysing an organisation’s effectiveness.


Why are so many organisations really failing at communication?

More often than not – all communication problems have one thing in common. We use our appendages rather than our mouths to communicate. As Peter Christie puts it – “An email never mobilised anyone”. Imagine if Martin Luther King had sent out copies of his speech, instead of standing up and delivering it. People would have sat isolated, most likely not finished reading it, and then gotten back to whatever they were doing before the mail arrived.

By getting people to stand shoulder to shoulder and by saying it in person, he made the speech an extension of himself. “I have a dream” said aloud with impetus and passion, comes off a lot more powerful than “I have a dream” as the opening line of a multiple page document you’ve been tasked with reading.

In a crowd of people the energy is contagious, people connect to the content and to one another. Standing there listening to him speak – you and the people around you immediately have a common cause.

Even if you aren’t trying to start a revolution and all you want is your team’s cooperation on a new project proposal – before diverting to appendage-based communication bear in mind that an email never mobilised anyone.

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