This gem recently landed in my inbox:

Organized bureaucracies thrive on compliance. It makes it easier to tell people what to do. But contribution is the only way that tribes thrive, the best way to make change happen and the essence of being part of a community. It’s a shame that we spend so much time teaching our children (and our employees) to comply. Far better to seek out contribution instead. – Seth Godin

For Companies Behaving Awesomely, contribution is the name of the game. If it was compliance we were after we would let robots do it. Just thinking about the difference between the two I’m reminded of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, the series, where Hydra – the bad guys – repeatedly brainwash people with the phrase: ‘Your compliance will be rewarded’

Comply Comply Comply

Companies with the intention of still being around and staying relevant in the next few years recognise the massive value of contribution. You go through such arduous processes to hire brilliant people – leverage their brilliance and let them contribute. Harness their ideas, get their input, consider their perspective, leverage their skill sets. Don’t just stick them in a cubicle and forget why you put them through 6 rounds of interviews in the first place.

People are your greatest asset. Even at the relentless pace business is moving towards the future today – people are still at the core of it. If you don’t leverage that people asset and the endless contributions they’re capable of to help make sure you are still around in the future – you’re simply a sitting duck, carrying a lot of deadweight.

Products like Gmail, Google News and AdSense are examples of what comes from a ‘contribution mindset’. Hospitals, like Cambridge Memorial Hospital actively seek employee contribution to cost cutting and saving in order to avoid lay offs.

As Lou Gerstner once said “In the end, an organisation is nothing more than the collective capacity of it’s people to create value”.

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