We all have those days where it’s virtually impossible to get any work done, because we are in and out of meetings all day.

A lot of the time these can turn into a full week of ‘sitting in meetings’ rather than getting sh*t done. Our meeting culture has become a phenomenon in its own right with companies like Slack touting that their product can reduce meetings by 25.1%. But for those of us whose teams are not on Slack, how can we get some work time back in our work days?

Asana have an incredibly simple and effective solution – No Meeting Wednesday or NMW. The point of NMW is to give everyone some time back to actually get work done, disruption free. If you know you have nothing in your calendar for a full day you can knuckle down and crunch away without interruption for hours. i.e. you can find your flow.

Whilst Asana do their best to keep Wednesday clear if something vital come up – they’re not going to look the other way and pretend it isn’t there. tHowever, the point is that they identified that people need more time spent ‘doing’, not sitting in meetings ‘being’. Of course it doesn’t have to be Wednesday any day will do.

I’ve blocked out my Friday afternoons for catching up on readings and writing, it takes a lot for me to give up that time. It’s intimidating at first to tell clients they can’t have that time, but I’ve stuck to my guns on it, and there is always another day that works.

Here’s to taking back your Wednesdays (or Mondays / Tuesdays etc.)

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