This incredible concept was started as an internal program at Return Path. It has now grown into a stand alone non-profit called Path Forward. As of Tuesday (30 Aug 2016), GoDaddy, Coursera, Zendesk, Demand Base and CloudFare have all signed up.

A Returnship is offered to mid-career professionals who have taken time off to care for a child, parent or other loved one and who are now looking to get back into the workforce. They are 18-week paid internships and although they do not guarantee full time employment they are a great starting point, not to mention the networking opportunities.

At a time when there is global move toward gender equality in the workplace ‘Returnships’ could become a fundamental needle-shifter. A 2014 poll of nonworking adults saw 61% of women saying that family responsibilities were keeping them at home, of these women nearly three-quarters would return to the workforce.

Forbes has the full story

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