Microsoft have recently launched a program aimed at hiring more autistic workers. In a fascinating article from Fast Company they explain why it matters to hire autistic people and the impact this has on diversity in the workforce:

“The unemployment rate among autistic adults, though, is extraordinarily high—up to 80%, by some estimates…traditional hiring processes are biased against autistic candidates.”

“As a whole, people with autism—even those who are quite bright, and intellectually quite capable—are facing worse job prospects because of their social challenges,” says Dave Kearon, the director of adult services at Autism Speaks. 

The article focuses on inclusion and the thoughtfulness of the whole process is truly eye opening. From providing autistic candidates with mentors to help them navigate the business and learn their way around, to assigning people to helping candidates get settled in new cities and learn where shops and restaurants are.  The piece sheds light on what a lot of companies can do to be more human and make themselves open to people who don’t play with in our boundary lines of ‘normal’.

Definitely well worth the read.

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