Culture book / culture deck / culture document, call it what you will. In all cases they are generally how an organisation endeavours to capture their culture in their own ‘bible’. They usually outline your values, core beliefs, purpose and give the reader an insightful look into what life inside your company is like.

Netflix’ culture document has long been hailed as hallmark of the world we live and work in. It’s a plain text, 100+ page document, that gives you a good look at their how, what and why. Especially the ‘No Brilliant Jerks’ policy.

On the flip side, Valve’s employee handbook reads almost like a story and is illustrated like one too.

Since no two organisations have the same culture, no two culture documents should be the same. If you are looking at creating one of your own – you’ve just hit the jackpot – the folk over at NOBL put together a comprehensive collection of culture documents. They’re very worth a read.

If you want to know more about Millennial Leadership or creating Companies Behaving Awesomely then this is for you

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